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On Sunday, September 23, We the Dogs DC held the 2nd Annual  Bipawtisan March at the U.S. Capitol.  The goal of the event was to demonstrate that a group of individuals from different political and ideological backgrounds can come together and find common ground as animal lovers and advocates.  The March began with a rally at Union Square in front of the Capitol that included speeches from the five women who founded the organization.  Following the rally, the group marched together through Washington D.C. while holding signs to show their reasons for marching.  The March concluded with a “Yappy” Hour and raffle fundraiser that included a variety of prizes donated by a variety of businesses.


The event raised $10,000 to benefit 32 animal rescue organizations in the DC area.  This includes $4,145 in registration fees, which were donated to the charity selected by the participant when registering. The remaining $5,855 raised through general donations and the raffle fundraiser was evenly divided among the 32 rescue organizations selected by the event participants.  View a breakdown of the donations here: Bipawtisan March Donations.

Aaron Wong 5.jpg
Credit: Aaron Wong Photography
Hannele Lahti 3.jpg
Credit: Hannele Lahti/A Dog Photographer
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Charity Selection: The mission of We the Dogs DC is to support local animal rescue organizations, and we want to have as great of an impact as possible. This year, the participants of the Bipawtisan March were given the opportunity to choose the animal rescue organization that they wanted to receive their registration fees from the event.  A total of 32 local animal rescue organizations were selected and received donations from the event. 

Credit: Christine Peeler/Go Fetch Photography
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A Dog Photographer

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Go Fetch Photography

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Aaron Wong Photography

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Event Sponsors

This event wouldn't be possible with the incredible generosity of our sponsors. We have over 20 animal rescue organizations that will receive 100% of the donations from the Bipawtisan March and none of it would be possible without the incredible generosity of our sponsors. Learn more about these amazing businesses below!

Getaway House sponsor of the Bipawtisan March
NOMA Pet Walking and Care sponsor of the Bipawtisan March
Friendship Hospital for Animals sponsor of the Bipawtisan March
The Casey Samson Team sponsor of the Bipawtisan March
Providge Consulting a Bipawtisan March sponsor
District Veterinary Hospital sponsor of Bipawtisan Marc
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