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Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of We The Dogs DC. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible pack members.

Renee Arellano

Director of Charitable Initiatives

Renee (@reneearellano) and Kingston (@KingstonBudz) got involved with the We the Dogs DC team when Renee got the opportunity to unite her passion for animal rescuing and event planning during the planning of the Bipawtisan March in 2017.  They love being a part of an organization that gives back to the DC pet community. While the world feels big most of the time, Renee loves the We the Dogs DC community for making it feel a bit smaller and interconnected. Renee is hard to miss at We the Dogs DC events- she is typically running around with camera in hand capturing beautiful pups and wonderful memories.  When not photographing and planning events for We the Dogs DC, Renee loves experimenting with the DC food scene. You might spot her at Archipelago on U Street or anywhere tiki drinks are on the menu. To relax from the busy city life, Renee loves cruising on the river to enjoy the scenery and unwind.

Follow Renee and Kingston on Instagram as they cheer for the Caps.

Kat Calvitti

Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination

Kat (@katg0esme0w) has always been a supporter of animal rescues, so it was no surprise when contacted about raising money for local rescues, she enthusiastically jumped at the chance to get involved. Living in DC for five years, by way of New Jersey and Philadelphia, Kat and Stella (@stellathespy) have built a family through the We the Dogs DC community. Kat enjoys the constant influx of new people to meet and support each other while also learning a few tips and tricks professionally from the rest of the We the Dogs DC co-founders.  A self-confessed fitness freak, Kat loves hiking and exploring new places. She often shares her travels with Flat Stella (a picture of Stella that she's pasted on a popsicle stick) and with followers of the World Travelers Union blog. Kat and Stella cheer on the Nationals at Pups in the Park as much as possible, especially if the Phillies are playing.

Look for Kat and Stella at Meridian Hill Park most days playing and follow them on Instagram.

Shannon DiMartino

Chief Financial Officer

Originally from Long Island, New York, Shannon (@shannon8989) is the proud owner of Ruby (@rubycubethebulldog), a rescue bulldog mix from Virginia. They started an Instagram account and instantly connected with other dog lovers in the area to plan something positive during a contentious time in DC. Soon after, the We the Dogs DC group was launched and their first event – the 2017 Bipawtisan March – was a smashing success! One of Shannon’s favorite things about We the Dogs DC is the incredible sense of community it has built for dog lovers and animal rescues.  Outside of We the Dogs DC, Shannon spends her time travelling, baking themed cakes or spending time on benches with Ruby. You’ll often find Shannon at the lighthouse in Jones Point Park when she wants to get away from the crazy city or supporting the Caps to show her local pride.

Join in on Shannon and Ruby’s adventures on Instagram.

Marissa Dimino

Director of Events

A New Jersey native, Marissa (@rissindc) was excited to do something light-hearted and happy during a tense time in DC. She joined the We the Dogs DC group in planning the Bipawtisan March and the rest is history. Marissa and Teddy (@Teddy4president) live, breathe, eat and sleep We the Dogs DC and love how many people they’ve met through all of the exciting fundraising events. One of Marissa’s favorite results of We the Dogs DC is running into Instagram pups and their humans that have held the We the Dogs DC handle.  In her free time, Marissa’s passion is photography. She volunteers to take photos of events and dogs for City Dogs Rescue. She and Teddy enjoy wining and dining around Mt. Vernon Triangle and Barracks Row/Eastern Market.

Catch Marissa and Teddy on Instagram and playing fetch around the Upper and Lower Senate Park next to the Capitol.

Amber Duggan

Executive Director

In January 2017, Amber saw an opportunity to bring together individuals from different political and ideological backgrounds to find common ground on a passion they all shared: helping animal rescue organizations.  Using her pup's Instagram, she reached out to others in the area to see if anyone wanted to help plan an event to benefit rescue organizations, and her idea came into fruition with the Bipawtisan March. Following the insane success of the March, We the Dogs DC was founded to support local rescues and build connections amongst dog lover and advocates in the community. As a result of We the Dogs DC, Amber and Izzy (@izzy_the_chow) have made lasting relationships with their co-founders and have significantly contributed to local rescue organizations. In her  free time, Amber loves travelling with Izzy as much as possible and experiments with painting. While she claims she’s not great at it, her painting at a recent wine & design We the Dogs DC event, looks just like Izzy.

Keep your eyes open for Amber and Izzy on the George Washington Memorial Parkway where they enjoy sunsets and follow them on Instagram.

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They Really Run The Show




Izzy’s dating profile: “Floofy senior girl looking for a boyfriend who loves to nap, eat pasta, and occasionally bark at the neighbors. Must be willing to hunt groundhogs and squirrels, but mom said we have to leave the neighbor cat alone. Pittie mixes are a plus.”



Kingston’s dating profile: “If you enjoy the sound of guitars playing, endless hours of squeaky toys, and cuddles….we are probably not compatible.”



Ruby’s dating profile: “Must love benches! Confident older woman looking for a partner for napping and people watching all day. Love of short walks and brunch a plus.”  



Stella’s dating profile: “I'm a laid back lab/collie mix who loves meeting new furriends!  You can find me strolling (or protesting my walks) around town or hanging out at the local watering holes!  I'm a part-time spy and part-time uber driver for dogs on the go, but I pretend to be a house pet when Mamz is at home!”



Teddy’s dating profile: “High energy dood, looking for a playful pup that isn’t afraid of a little PDA. Ideal companion OK with playing fetch all day and living with my parents.”

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